Tiny Houses on Wheels

Premiere Living With Mobile Flexibility

Why a Tiny House on Wheels?

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  • Simplifying Your Life

  • Enjoying Finacial Freedom

  • Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Drastically More Economical

A tiny house on wheels is drastically more economical than a regular tiny house or a park model. 

Permanence with the Option of Mobility

Experience the permanence of a tiny house or park model with the option for mobility.

More Possibilities for Customization

This is not a shelf model home. Creative Living's tiny houses are fully custom built for you!

Why Choose Creative Living For Your
Tiny House on Wheels?

Factory Direct Relationship

Save money by eliminating the middle man. The salesman you speak with will likely have his hand in the building of your unit.

Maximized Customization

Your home is built from scratch, every detail is yours to choose; Colors, ceilings, walls, styles, lights and SO much more! Enjoy a direct relationship on a personal level with the designer and builder.

Total Adherence to HUD Standards

Most park model, RV's and tiny houses are built by lesser ANSY119.5A standards. Our homes are built by HUD standards; Just like a stick-built house!

Hi I am John Touchton!

In December 2020, I was diagnosed with colon cancer and liver infection.

I am a survivor, but let me back up a bit.

As a young man, my interest has always been in building. I have been successful in construction and home repairs for many years now. In 2020, my father-in-law and I started building a small hunting cabin on wheels to place on our hunting land. When it was built, we proudly posted pictures on Facebook. To our surprise, we realized that there was a great interest in our area for Tiny Houses.

About this time, I was diagnosed with cancer, had surgery, and began chemo. During chemo, I had a lot of time to think....

Mobile tiny house interior. Great for outdoor experiences and wildlife. Lots of space and

Ready To Go Tiny?

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2. Learn About All the Options. We will help you to design the PERFECT home for you! 

3. Enjoy Your Tiny House on Wheels! You will LOVE your new tiny house. 


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